Scarfolk's dystopian journey information pays correct homage to our turbulent instances

If you haven't visited Scarfolk before, you're in for a real treat. The fictional English city is in an idiosyncratic corner of the internet that kept getting stuck in the 1970s and a blog that publishes bits and pieces of the city's visual history.

In Scarfolk, pagan rituals blend seamlessly with science, hauntology is a compulsory subject in school, and everyone has to be in bed by 8 p.m. because they constantly have a low temperature.

In view of the booming stays in our pandemic-ridden world after Brexit, Scarfolk's creator and self-proclaimed mayor Richard Littler decided that the time was ripe for an official travel guide to his fascinating places – from the ritual May Pylon to the inexplicable thigh to the school of Benevolent Mentizid .

Scarfolk & Environs, published by Herb Lester Associates, includes a large format guide that comes in a bespoke folder along with a Scarfolk visa and souvenir postcard.

"I've mentioned so many places in Scarfolk over the years that it made sense to put them all, or at least most of them, in one place," Littler told CR.

"I also thought that making a map (along with souvenirs usually found in a tourist gift shop) might be interesting at a time when people are not allowed to leave their homes, let alone travel anywhere. In true Scarfolk- In a manner of speaking, it's a map of a city you are not allowed to visit with sights you are not allowed to see. "

Scarfolk & Environs: Road & Leisure Map for Uninvited Tourists published by Herb Lester Associates; @ Scarfolk