Redesign the face of know-how with Catty Taylor

Anyone who has worked in tech will know how intensely individualistic it can be – a competitive inner circle where knowledge gaps and the inability to assimilate can represent inferiority. This unofficial member club has been dominated by a narrow segment of the population for years, and as we learned through the real-time horror stories from Silicon Valley, those who control our technology ultimately determine its performance, which has far-reaching implications.

To open up the field of technology, in 2019 digital artist Catty Taylor founded Digi-Gxl, a global collective of over 300 women, transsexual, intersex and non-binary individuals working in digital media. With 3D design and animation as a focus, the specialties focus on fashion and product design, AR and VR, motion design, creative coding, graphic design and beyond.

"I started Digi-Gxl because I wanted to find people I could identify with," says Taylor, who studied textile design at Chelsea College of Art and Design and has since worked with fashion brands like Alexander Wang, Balenciaga and ChloƩ. "When I was creative and running larger campaigns, I wanted to be able to hire like-minded people and support others who were pushing their way into this industry."

Above: 3D rendered adidas Originals x Alexander Wang campaign, creatively directed by Catty Taylor; Above: Digital editorial for Vogue Italia by the Institute for Digital Fashion and creative director Rujana Cantoni