Raine Allen-Miller's new movie is excellent for Masturbation Day

May 28 is International Masturbation Day, if you didn't know, and director Raine Allen-Miller marks the event with a quarantine film that celebrates self-pleasure

The video, titled Wank Wiggle, brings women from all over the world together to pay tribute to the delights of the female climax – especially its use to relieve the endless boredom of lockdown. Think of it as a group call for those who are tired of leaven and quarantine projects.

The film contains an ironic song by Allen-Miller that encourages women to take advantage of the opportunities for self-pleasure – be it through a dildo, a vibrator, a washing machine, or really anything you have on hand.

The director herself appears in the video and uses a mouse wheel (a practical visual metaphor).

Even though Wank Wiggle is filmed remotely via Zoom, he still looks relatively good – proof of Allen-Miller's directing skills. It may be silly, but it's a welcome distraction at the moment.

Directed by Raine Allen-Miller
Production company: Something like that

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