Ragged Edge unveils sci-fi-style id for Circa5000

The ethical investment platform hopes the rebrand will attract a new generation of sustainably motivated investors

Ragged Edge has renamed the business, which was previously known as Tickr, and produced branding that “reimagines an evil futurecorp as a force for positive change”. As the studio explains it: “It’s too late for business as usual, and it’s too late for another generic fintech brand.”

Circa5000 originally launched in 2018 to offer a more ethical, planet-friendly investment platform. The company, which is B Corp certified, offers investors access to responsible businesses focused on enriching the planet, rather than eroding its resources. According to Circa5000, these business have, in the last year alone, produced 832 MWh of renewable energy and treated 6.8b cubic metres of water.

Ragged Edge’s rebrand looks to the future – specifically the year 5000 – when humanity may or may not still be around. The studio designed a planet-shaped logo and paired it with images of people-free landscapes as well as some purposefully provocative copywriting.

One particularly stark example reads: ‘The sky is blue, the redwoods are living and the oceans are full of whales singing. The planet is thriving. It’s unclear if humanity is here.’ Others play on the expected language of fintechs – ‘Capital at risk for a species at risk.’

The work cleverly plays on the graphic language of major corporations, while simultaneously subverting it. And when paired with imagery of landscapes devoid of human habitation, it’s an apt reminder of what’s at stake.