Questions of Curiosity

As we go about our day to day lives many questions pop into our minds as we interact with others, as we watch television; many topics arise that make us think and wonder. Education and racial discrimination has for a long time caused us as young black people to face many unanswered questions. We enter college with high spirits and a soul filled with big dreams of a bright future. Finally we can do what we love right? And go onto be successful in our career choice and live comfortably in a safe neighbourhood with our families. But can we really? How can we ever have a chance to do what we love and what makes us happy when we are struggling? When our economy here in the Caribbean is almost in ruins, when we can barely get through university, when we can barely afford to eat, when our first goal after three to four years in college is to receive a piece of paper that says “you are now eligible to enter the struggling workforce” Find a job and try to survive! Shouldn’t there more to it? Why is it that they claim that all secondary schools are equal but yet our private schools are 99% white children? The public schools that do have white students are considered to be “top schools”; is this not questionable?

So when you talk about race and racial discrimination, what do you mean? When terms such as White Bajan, African Americans, Asian Americans or even White American are used, isn’t this over generalizing? All of these terms are very much confusing, why must we use racial labels? Is it not bothersome that our education system, the foundation of a thriving society is riddled with racial issues? Being afraid of a black man because he is wearing a hoodie or offering to pay an Asian child to do your homework because they are good at it; does this not prove that racial discrimination is associated with culture? What is your culture? What have you been taught to believe about other races and peoples? We are a people from a diverse community, all at some different stage of development with different languages, interests, needs and expectations- So why is it so difficult for some to accept these differences? What are your questions about your future, your life, your culture and your society as a whole? Will you ask? Or will you remain silent?