Queer wellness model For Them launches new identification impressed by nature

For Them, a queer wellness brand currently selling a range of chest binders, has launched a new typography-led visual identity inspired by nature.

Created by art director and designer Alex Pankiv Greene alongside For Them creative director Kate Vozella, the new branding looks to represent the expansiveness of the community that forms its audience. “When For Them launched last year it was a shot in the dark creating an aesthetic for the queer audience that has been almost entirely unserved until now,” says founder Chloe Freeman. 

“A first of its kind company, there was no branding standard to reach the queer community outside of the traditional ‘trendy’ pinks and purples.” Over the last year, the brand says that it has realised the breadth of its community, and that new branding was needed to reflect this. 

The team chose to focus the new designs around nature, “where authentic fluidity, evolution and expansiveness are already present”, as Freeman puts it. This plays out across a suite of icons taking their shapes from elements in the natural world, each representing one of nine ‘dimensions of wellness’, such as ‘nourish’, ‘transcend’, ‘bloom’ and ‘belong’.

“The pursuit of wellness should reflect the diversity that blossoms in our ever-evolving world,” says Vozella. “We believe that there is nothing more powerful or more beautiful than human-beings existing as their most expansive and authentic selves. To us, this is nature in full bloom.”

The new branding abandons the former look’s pink and purple, and instead looks to make the colour palette more bold and expansive and move away from colours traditionally associated with being feminine.

The logo uses a wordmark alongside a triple heart symbol which can be used in any of the seven For Them brand colours, which include a blue-green, mustard yellow, pink and red, and aim to form a rainbow spectrum that’s bold and inclusive. “The double typography with the three-heart symbol encapsulates the idea of ‘nature in full bloom’ providing the movement, expansion, and weight the brand deserves,” says Freeman.

The wordmark and other headline copy across the branding is set in Lucas Descroix’s Nostra Sett and its unusual counterpart, Nostra Stream – the italic version which looks completely different to its regular form. The contrast of blocky, heavy letterforms and a wispy cursive script looks to “illustrate the tension and dichotomy often felt in queer culture”, according to Vozella. Nostra Sett and Stream are used alongside Monument Extended in bold and thin weights for other brand copy.

For Them BinderFor Them launched last year and works according to a co-creation model in which products are developed directly with users. The brand’s 4,000+ member Discord channel is used to help develop pieces and for the brand to source new product ideas, some of which are launching later this year. The Discord channel is also used as a channel for advice, and as part of the rebrand For Them will be expanding the community through a new membership platform. 

The reworked visual identity launched alongside a new photo campaign shot by Kent Andreasen in South Africa.

For Them campaign shot by Kent AndreasenFor Them campaign shot by Kent Andreasen