Pup-arazzi: Walter Chandhoha's assortment of canine pictures

Walter Chandoha was a prolific photographer, and after serving as a combat photographer during World War II, he gained a fuzzy reputation as the greatest wildlife photographer of the 20th century. His charming work has featured on over 300 magazine covers, thousands of advertisements, and his pictures regularly in popular magazines such as Life and Look.

In 2019, Chandoha released Cats with Taschen, which gave readers a glimpse into his archive of over 90,000 cat images. Though Chandoha sadly died last year at the age of 98 while working on cats, the photographer selected his favorite dog photos for a possible follow-up. With care and precision he placed hundreds of contact sheets, prints and color transparencies in carefully labeled boxes, many of which have been hidden for the past 50 years.

Chandoha in the studio with his rescue dog, 1975. All images © estate of Walter Chandoha, courtesy of Taschen

Released next month as a long-awaited sequel to Cats, Dogs features some of the best black and white and Chandoha imagery Kodachrome Dog photography.

Over a period of 50 years, the book was divided into six sections. Each chapter is intended to provide an insight into Chandoha's skills and techniques. From studio recordings to romping in the country, street scenes to flawless dog shows, over 60 puppy breeds, large and small, are cataloged in the nearly 300-page book.

Dalmation and the son of photographer Enrico, Long Island, New York, 1958

"Walter Chandoha's photographs of dogs are convincing not only because dogs have an inherent charm, but also because the person behind the camera was a master of his trade," writes photo critic Jean Dykstra in the introduction to the book.

As in Chandoha's previous book, Dogs is not only a photographic homage to man's best friend, but also a nod to the photographer's enduring legacy and love for his craft.

Mongrel and daughter of photographer Maria, Long Island, New York, 1956

Pugs, Long Island, New York, 1957

Poodle, beagle, cocker spaniel, and mixed breed, New Jersey, 1985

Bulldogs, Long Island, New York, 1952

Chihuahua, New York, 1952

Weimaraner, Long Island, New York, 1955

Walter Chandoha Dogs and Published Bags appear October 7; taschen.com