Pinterest sticks two fingers up at self-doubt in witty new marketing campaign

It feels like social media channels are jostling for position of late. As Instagram attempts to steal some of TikTok’s roaring success with its new focus on reels, and BeReal pops up to offer a different vibe, it suddenly seems like some of these mega brands that have dominated our lives for the past decade and a half are in flux.

This makes for a good moment for Pinterest to assert a stronger brand positioning, which it has achieved in this new campaign from Uncommon Creative Studio. While its tagline – Don’t Don’t Yourself – is a little bit of a mouthful, the campaign’s attempt to puncture some of the negative impact of living your life online is delivered with wit and style.

While other tech brands have opted for a more earnest approach to help save us from the problems that they themselves have brought into our lives, Pinterest instead uses humour to tackle our tendency towards doomscrolling, procrastination, fear of failure and more.

Embedded pretty subtly at the campaign’s centre is a message about the variety of inspirations and ideas that can be found on Pinterest. “We spend up to half of our waking time online, but more than ever, people say being online makes them feel disconnected from themselves and their interests,” says Andréa Mallard, Pinterest CMO. “Our latest campaign highlights how Pinterest is a different side of the internet, where you can find what you love and forget about likes.”

Accompanying the films is a set of posters which continue the message with a mix of imagery and also – perhaps unexpectedly for such a visual platform – long copy. The campaign will run in the US, UK and Germany.

Creative Studio: Uncommon
Production Company: Somesuch
Director: Kim Gehrig