Pets navigate long-distance romance within the Groove Armada video

The new music video for Groove Armada's Track Lover 4 Now introduces cat and dog romance for the current time, in which life and love are increasingly experienced with virtual means.

Director, designer and artist Fons Scheidon was working on the project in a makeshift studio in the corner of his bedroom. While the world seemed to be collapsing around him, he took a "joyful approach" to visualizing dating in the age of coronavirus by telling the story through the eyes of an animal.

The video begins with a shot that pans an empty city and is set to a soundscape recorded by Scheidon from his roof in New York, before a look into the houses of a cat and a dog who seem to be on their own.

Scheidon's scratchy, hand-drawn style is full of character and perfectly captures the disturbingly independent nature of cats in feline protagonist Cosmo and the clumsy, lovable charm of dogs seen in love interest Mio, who even has a heart-shaped nose.

“I love to watch animals and watch the world. The video shows the fascination of how animals learn and interact with their environment, ”says Scheidon. "With the cats in my life, I often felt that if I disappeared, they would probably find out how to use my credit card to provide food."

During the storyboarding process, Scheidon was drawn to the idea of ​​using multiple camera angles, which resulted in a series of interesting images that take advantage of the ubiquity of recording devices in everyday life. "With the presence of technology in these homes, it just made sense: security, pet and nanny cameras, as well as tablets and computers," he explains. "I liked the thought of all of this camera stream continuing for no purpose until the battery runs out."

As the story progresses, Cosmo the cat seems to get into online dating to see if there are actually many more fish in the sea. It does, however, end with a split screen perspective of the two animals running towards each other before joining together in a sequence that is satisfactory from both a framing and narrative point of view.