Pentagram offers a brand new craft platform a versatile id

Astrid Stavro's team at Pentagram unveiled the new typographic identity for Maker Mile, which was launched as part of Venice Design Week 2020. The new platform (not to be confused with the East London initiative of the same name) aims to promote the tradition and development of the craft in the platform's hometown, Venice, with subsequent editions designed to put the spotlight on cities around the world.

Although the identity seems simple at first glance, the execution is quietly playful. The horizontal bar of the L is dramatically elongated and cleverly incorporates linear details within the word mark itself, extending along posters, signage and book spines, even adding an enticing touch to the wayfinding.

The concept is brought to life in animations in which the L is stretched out like a tape measure and the E is moved to the edge of the picture. In another variant, the horizontal bar forms the outline of various objects that indicate the spirit of the platform in relation to all things craftsmanship.

The initial execution of the identity is based on colors that are reminiscent of the platform's Venetian roots, including terracotta and stone tones, alluding to the city's distinctive historical architecture. The palettes for future issues will be adjusted to reflect the new focus locations, while wider brand securities will have lighter pops of color.

Expanding the word mark is reminiscent of the idea of ​​forward-looking alignment while creating the feeling that the platform, like a physical strip or “mile”, is a destination worth visiting in many cities around the world.

Maker Mile by Pentagram Maker Mile posterMaker Mile identityMaker Mile poster