Noble Rot has set itself the duty of demystifying the world of wine

Over the past seven years, the Noble Rot team has built a gastronomic empire consisting of a magazine, a book, an import company and not just one but two restaurants. We talk to co-founder Dan Keeling about how they “de-twattify” wine every day

"There are many pussies in wine, but there are many pussies in life," says Dan Keeling. The co-founder of Noble Rot discusses the motivation behind his and Mark Andrews quarterly wine fanzine, launched in 2013 as the first iteration of their quest to “de-twattify” the traditionally pompous and pretentious world of wine.

"I think it's more about the fact that you have this topic, which is very extensive, and some people will use that feeling, whether it's wine or a complex topic, to intimidate others. We want to talk about wine like we're talking about football, or movies, or cooking, wine in particular can be talked about in a vacuum, but most of the time if you're into wine and food, you're probably interested in music, maybe art too . People who use their senses use their senses, whatever it is, ”says Keeling when CR catches up with him (over a glass of wine, of course) before Lockdown 2.0 in the UK.