New movie seems to be on the results of grief on youngsters

Luke Brookner is the director of the film, which was originally directed for Child Grief Awareness Week. It's a moving portrayal of the difficult memories people face after losing a loved one

The two-minute short film, I Got Through, follows young people as they deal with situations that become uncomfortable again after the death of a family member – such as seemingly simple questions like, "What is your father doing?"

It also shows how life milestones and big events – like a first day of school, birthdays or the birth of a first child, and smaller things like the way dinner is prepared – can become new sources of pain. The film draws directly on Brookner's own knowledge of grief after witnessing the deaths of his two parents before he was eight, as well as other children and adolescents, including Joe Bellman, who was featured in the short.

While the film itself is poignant, it conveys a message of resilience and getting through something excruciatingly difficult – thanks to the spoken word piece by Hussain Manawer and Luke Brookner accompanying the play.

The couple hope that the film, made for the nonprofit bereavement encounter, will express moments that many people find challenging but not always able to provide a voice and raise awareness of bereaved and youth as a vulnerable group.

Director: Luke Brookner
Producer: Ellis Fox
Produced for: Sticker Studios
EPs: Harleymoon Kemp, Hussain Manawer
Music: daughter
DOP: Beatrice Sastre
Editor: Beth Roberts