New Further Gum Advert celebrates the enjoyment of life after the lockdown

Finding things to make fun of in the middle of a pandemic is not an easy task. In the past 12 months, brands and advertising agencies have faced the challenge admirably. The latest is Extra Gum, which launched a TV campaign by Chicago agency Energy BBDO that explores all the things that made Lockdown so unbearable.

The film is set in a world not too dissimilar to ours, where the lockdown has finally come to an end and hordes of people flock to the streets to run, frolic and kiss each other with fierce abandon.

The ad sheds light on many of the animal hates of the past year, including endless video calls, poor grooming, and the general drudgery of being stuck in our homes day in and day out. The image of a particularly unkempt man clutching his packet of toilet paper and staring from his front door with cloudy eyes feels like a fitting visual metaphor.

Josh Gross and Pedro Pérez, Co-Creative Directors at Energy BBDO, point out: “When the time comes, we don't just quietly leave our houses, take the newspaper and whistle back to the office. No, we're going to return by force and help the world get its thing back. "

Agency: Energy BBDO
Co-CCOs: Josh Gross, Pedro Perez
SVP, ECD: Kenny Blumenschein
Creative Directors: Lucas Owens, Monique Kaplan, Colin O & # 39; Toole, Hansel Quintela
Director: Nick Ball