New eBook: Replicate, rethink and restart your inside communication plan by means of the pandemic

Companies were certainly on a wild ride in 2020. With the pandemic and the resulting social unrest coupled with economic instability and ongoing health and safety concerns, many business leaders are struggling to find new paths and a clear path forward, especially given the great uncertainty around you.

However, this period of uncertainty was a real opportunity for communicators who find their role has never been more important. The dramatic changes to normal business operations in such a short amount of time have given communicators a crash course to determine what really works and what is still needed to unite, engage, and drive companies against their strategy.

To help communicators respond strategically to the rapidly evolving needs of their organizations, the Grossman Group has released a new eBook. Reflect, rethink and restart your internal communication plan through the pandemic.

Communication plans need to change in response to the events of 2020

In our work with executives over the last few months, many companies have shifted their priorities dramatically to meet current demands. You need a new communication plan and strategy for the near future, and you need it yesterday. With our new eBook, we have tried to provide a fast and easily digestible framework that you can use to restart your communication strategy in a short time.

The range of urgent new priorities for many companies is wide. For example, in response to social unrest, many companies have focused on equity, diversity and inclusion. Many more are also looking for new ways to connect and engage with employees who work remotely or in difficult conditions in factories, retail and healthcare. With the new priorities, there is an urgent need to quickly change the entire communication strategy to meet the urgent demands of today's business world.

Use of the internal communication model of 3Rs

The primary framework of this eBook is based on 3R's internal communication model, which we created to guide communication leaders through revising the communication plan during times of significant change or crisis.

The model is designed to help executives figure out what they have learned from the past year – what worked, what didn't, what is worth keeping, and what the company will need in the future. From there, executives can envision what's possible and create the ideal approach to communication with an actionable plan.

What is in this manual to restart internal communication

Reflect, rethink and restart your internal communication plan through the pandemic is a comprehensive guide that provides:

  • Insights and data on how internal communication has changed in 2020
  • A deeper insight into 3R's internal communication model and how you can apply it in your company today
  • Background information on the value of taking stock of your internal communications and a free worksheet as a guide
  • An assessment that will help you weigh your team's communication skills
  • Strategies to help you move beyond anecdotal ideas to a better approach and communication function that will fit the future of business during the pandemic and beyond
  • A proven model to build your business case for the internal communication resources and infrastructure you need to be successful in the future
  • Solutions to restart your communication plan in less than a day
  • And more!

Get your free copy

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What is stopping you from restarting communications in your company and how can this approach help you?

– –David Grossman

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