New eBook: eight methods to steer with coronary heart in occasions of uncertainty and alter

In the midst of all the upheavals resulting from the COVID 19 pandemic, it goes without saying that managers feel powerless and fearful. Many wonder how their business will survive, what the new normal will look like and what the pandemic will mean for their personal and professional lives.

But there are actually concrete things managers can do to overcome uncertainty, measures they can all take to lead and communicate with heart and courage. This eBook offers: clear instructions on how to be the best leader and communicator at this critical moment.

Inspired by a number of popular webinars on the subject, our new eBook has 8 ways to lead with heart in times of uncertainty and change, provides strategies for communicators and executives to connect with employees, customers and stakeholders in this unprecedented time.

How to lead and communicate with the heart during a global pandemic

We developed the eBook to provide managers with an additional pragmatic resource that offers the “Big Eight” opportunities for courageous and thoughtful communication. They include:

  1. Lead first
  2. Know your audience and their needs
  3. Show your human side
  4. Communicate regularly
  5. Frame the context and make it relevant
  6. Talk openly about what happens
  7. Be respectful of authenticity
  8. Be ready to answer questions

Best practices from executives for executives

The eBook also includes best practices from a variety of companies in which new communication strategies are already helping managers meet the many new and critical needs of employees and customers today. In difficult times, challenging times require new methods, flexibility and exceptional commitment to treat teams of employees with patience, flexibility and passion.

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How can leadership with even more heart help you motivate and engage your team for results?

– David Grossman

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