Mr. Bingo on utilizing humor to beat the pandemic

Known for his funny and sometimes cynical drawings, Mr. Bingo talks about people's appetite for humor at the time and how he uses social media to test the water

"I walk the streets a lot and I'm getting bored with the constant positive messages for the NHS," says Bingo about the inspiration for his Fuck the NHS poster, which was created last month. “Although I totally agree with them and love and support the NHS, there is a dark side to me that just has a lot of humor in doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing, doing the totally unexpected, literally confusing people .

“There is no clever political message or message behind it. I just thought it wouldn't be funny and crazy if someone just hung a poster in their window that said 'Fuck the NHS' as a contrast to all the other positive messages you had. I laughed at the sheer outrage that would lead to it, so I scribbled it on a piece of paper and wrote it on my Instagram stories. "

Mr Bingos Fuck the NHS poster

To Mr. Bingo's surprise, he was flooded with the support of doctors, nurses, and other NHS staff who sent him a message to ask if it was available for printing. He committed and created a limited edition of 100 pieces and gave 100% of the profit to the NHS. "The other interesting thing was that I got the public (non-NHS employees) to buy them all, but as a gift to a stranger who works in the NHS," he explains. The prints were sold out within a few hours and the piece is typical of Bingo's dry, sarcastic yet accessible work and a great example of how the artist can channel the public mood.