Morag Myerscough's Paris paintings is an optimistic tackle the present time

The eight-meter-high installation near the Center Pompidou is a colorful counterpoint to the idea of ​​the “new normal”.

Artist and designer Morag Myerscough spent three weeks in her London studio completing A New Now, which uses her distinctive blend of geometric shapes, neon colors and intentionally random typography.

It was commissioned as part of the ongoing "Embellish Paris" initiative, led by 6M3 Collective, which enlivens the "overlooked" spaces of the city with works of art. Michel Micheau of the organization describes the installation as an "urban reliquary," possibly due to its juxtaposition with the 16th century church opposite the artwork on Rue Saint-Martin.

"I don't believe in the phrase 'a new normal', I always didn't like the word 'normal'," says Myerscough of her inspiration for the piece.

“For a while we were all on hiatus… we had time that we had never had together… to think, understand and rethink what is important to us as individuals, families, local communities and the global community.

“I think it is impossible to predict the future and we live in a new now! We need to find and embrace ways to move forward here and now. We are in the midst of seismic changes and we must aim to create a more sustainable world. "

A new now is located on Rue Saint-Martin and will be in operation until the end of December.