MK's new video reveals half a person, half a canine with questionable morals

American DJ and producer MK released the video for his latest single, Chemical, and it's not what you might expect from the deep house veteran.

The promo tells the story of an anthropomorphic dog named D. Ironically, D is said to be the most loyal creature in the world.

Directed by Aube Perrie and shot on 16mm film, the subversive video emerged from a wide-open briefing. "For me, the song was really about an excruciatingly intense pull that turns into an obsession that immediately felt like a very fertile ground for inspiration," says Perrie.

"One thing I loved about it was the words that were repeated over and over again as this obsession counts more than anything, and also the loop rhythm that beats like a heart."

The video concept is a clever game of dogs' reputations for their selfless loyalty to their owners. “I wanted to come up with a sad comedy that was going to be a funny drama too. To imagine D like an affectionate loser, a gentle, harmless big boy who is somehow doomed in his mind to be unfaithful, no matter how much deceit is against his nature. "

The impressively designed head was brought to life by the Paris-based production company MYND x Wanda. “Even though D was an anthropomorphic character, I really had to get a dog that looked as realistic as possible.

As for the rest of the setting, Perrie and the production team tried not to anchor the story in any particular time or place. “We mixed inspirations from different countries for urbanism, props and languages,” says the director.

“We tried to create the multicultural world we love to see and tried to have the most fun with it. Because if you want to create a world in which your main character is a great anthropomorphic boxer, you might want to do just that. "

Writer and Director: Aube Perrie
Camera: Raphaël Vandenbussche
Production: MYND x Wanda Productions
Art Direction: Aube Perrie & Louise Mekylla Bachir