Million Dollar Market

‘Nowhere is the rapid increase of the internet income more evident than on the internet itself’- Hirschey
There is a turnover of at least 6 million per month from High Yield Investments. This pays high levels of interest on the money with great risk. In this season, when the online world and Multi-level Marketing companies peak, it’s important to be vigilant.
The increase in unemployment, causes individuals desperately search to provide for themselves and their families. This need to provide creates high economic expectations. Evidently, people with higher economic expectations take greater risk than those with low expectations. The inherent hope and promise to make things better, drives these individuals to online programs.
However, educated individuals approach investments in a more particular way. People with higher levels of financial knowledge take greater risk than those with lower levels of knowledge; therefore, they more readily invest online. Although they are already well aware of the fraudulent nature of these websites, they hope to gain by investing early at the expense of less savvy investors.
Moreover, individuals like to feel like they are part of a group, an elite group of people who have ‘cracked the system’ to making money. This concept is supported by the extensive online ecosystem that has been created to support online companies, which gives a forum for investors all over the world to communicate. This makes investors more willing to participate in these programs as there is so much activity and thought around it. This allows them to identify with the system and more easily make use of online programs.
The novelty and convenience of internet investing is attractive. If equal or more income can be made at the click of a mouse, why would someone still go through, in most cases, a mundane 8-4 job? The hope of an escape or rebel from the system that has always been labelled as ‘oppressive’ is another way the online market gains investors. Website owners know the consumers struggles and weaknesses and they, like any business, would capitalise on it.
This calls for individuals to avoid such levels of pervasiveness and become knowledgeable about High Yield Investments and other online programs. The more that is known about success and failure, the more likely individuals can change both cognitively and behaviourally.