Methods to use buyer opinions in photos and video advertisements

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Choosing the right content for your image and video ads can be a challenge.

What message will actually get consumers to take the plunge and buy your product?

No matter how thorough your digital marketing plan is, there is no one simple ad success solution that applies to every campaign.

Or is there?

Instead of looking for inspiration in your company, look at past and current consumers to help you share the greatness of your product.

How can you do that By harnessing the power of the reviews your satisfied customers have already given. 93 percent of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. If you can incorporate authentic, positive reviews into your ads, you can stand out from your competition and show your audience your worth.

In this blog post, we're going to break down six strategies for successfully using customer reviews to create effective video and visual ads.

Why you should use customer reviews in your promotional images and videos

When a potential customer hears about your company or product, they'll go straight to the internet to find out more.

You're not just looking for smooth images: you're looking for reviews from other consumers.

Also, 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews from strangers more than those from friends and family.

When customer reviews are used in promotional materials, you eliminate the middle step where consumers scour the internet for information.

Instead, use these user-generated descriptors of your service or product to build instant consumer confidence.

How to Use Customer Reviews in Your Promotional Images and Videos

There are tons of ways to incorporate customer reviews into your marketing strategy. In the following, we present six strategies with which customer reviews can take over your marketing for you.

  1. Choose an ad design and find customer reviews on the topic

    Ads can be powerful and evoke complex emotions.

    When creating your testimonial campaign, decide which emotions your ad should embody. These include:

    Coca-Cola, for example, regularly adheres to the theme of friends and family. When you see a Coke advertisement, invariably you see that subject either through pictures or copies.

    Think about the values ​​associated with your brand and mission.
    Committed to innovation? Pick this topic, then source your existing offerings that highlight your cutting-edge tools.

    Regardless of which ad theme you choose, combining a sentiment with appropriate text will inevitably create a compelling, strong testimonial that will make your product stand out to potential consumers.
    Customer reviews - Cola ad "src ="

  2. Select a great customer review and create an image or video around the review

    While great reviews are worth their weight in gold, improper display of these testimonials can essentially render them worthless.

    To make sure your reviews get the attention they deserve, create an eye-catching and engaging image (or video if that's more in line with your brand's speed).

    Easier said than done?

    Below we've listed five must-have design tips.

    Organize your testimonial by keeping the user experience (UX) at the forefront of your design. This includes the strategic use of white space and the placement of text and visual content. This allows you to create an organized, consumable image that is easy to infer meaning.

    Unique graphics
    The internet is inundated with half-quality images. To make your customer reviews stand out, use branded images and colors and break the monotony of visual elements.

    Color can be used to stop a viewer on his way and to evoke emotions. When creating your testimonial images, decide which message the colors in your graphic should send.

    Outside of the overall look and feel of your testimonial graphic or video, typography can play a huge role in highlighting the most important elements of your customers' quotes. Consider bold and bright colors to highlight weak spots so the viewer knows immediately that this quote is relevant to them.

    While you want your testimonial to stand out, you don't want the message to overshadow the message. When designing these images, stick to the three Cs of Google Marketing: clear, concise, and compelling.

  3. Pick a customer review and use it to boost your social shares

    An indecisive buyer can turn into a committed buyer by engaging with other members of your audience.

    In fact, one in four people on social media follows brands whose products they care about. By monitoring your social channels and customer reactions, these buyers can make a more informed decision about the strengths and benefits of your product.

    To showcase your customers' feedback, use customer testimonials and reviews in your social media strategy to emphasize even more how wonderful your product is.

    When you share customer feedback on social media, you increase your brand's credibility, increase engagement and, ideally, increase your bottom line.

    Do you want inspiration to get reviews on your social channels?

    Check out this review from a Maybelline user:

    Customer review - Instagram ad "src ="
    By sharing the tweet, the makeup company is highlighting the effectiveness of their product and also promoting trust and community.

  4. Select a customer review and use it in your search strategy

    Search engines aren't just interested in how well you optimize your listing; they are also a source of constant monitoring, including what consumers are saying about your brand or product.

    Using reviews in your Google and Microsoft listings can help you understand how consumers feel about your offering. In addition, by regularly collecting new content, you can receive featured snippets and Google seller ratings and thus improve your overall visibility in search.

    Check out this ad from Lego for The Simpsons ™ House:

    Lego uses extensions to add customer reviews to the Google list. "Src ="

    The stars, rating, and number of reviews indicate to interested viewers that the product is well received by buyers and that a significant number of people have bought it. These extensions in a classic search engine listing help build trust before potential consumers visit your website.

  5. Pick a great customer review and use it in your email marketing strategy

    Regardless of your email marketing strategy, it can benefit from the inclusion of customer reviews. Given the medium's historically high return on investment (ROI), this channel is the perfect place to incorporate images or videos with customer reviews.

    When you share these testimonials in emails, you not only build credibility, but you are also more likely to increase your click through rate (CTR).

    By using customer-created narrative, you can both share the experience of your customer base and at the same time show what readers can expect when they become customers.

    Check out this example from natural skin care company Naturopathica:

    Customer reviews from natural skin care companies "src ="
    While this content isn't built into their email template, sharing a visual that includes reviews and customers' first and last names makes the review human and makes it more believable and relatable.

    Here, the company-selected quotes speak for a pain point likely shared by many shoppers in search of a facial serum: decreased fine lines and wrinkles. By choosing offers that address your product's strengths and consumer problems, you demonstrate further value.

  6. Pick a great customer review and use it in your email marketing strategy

    OK, homepage was a bit of an understatement.

    While you should no doubt have a dedicated testimonials page on your website, you should also make sure that your top customer reviews appear on every page of your website.

    These don't have to be on your face. Instead, they should serve as a subtle reminder of the strength of your product and the amount of serious goodwill behind it.
    Fabletics does an excellent job of placing customer reviews on its website.

    By sharing these highly acclaimed reviews along with pictures from real consumers, Fabletics makes it clear that their product is fabulous.

    Whichever way you choose to incorporate reviews into your digital marketing strategy, and it's all a great option too, there are three best practices to keep in mind when creating your testimonial content.

    In a nutshell
    Avoid quoting the entire customer review. Instead, pick the best part and create a relevant, bold headline. If you share on social networks, you can link to the full review in the body of the post.

    To thank
    Would you like more customer reviews? Of course you do, they are invaluable marketing tools. Encourage consumers to leave future reviews by thanking them for taking the time to share their experiences with your business.

    Tweet again and share again
    This is specific to your social media endeavors, but be sure to continuously monitor your social platforms to see if any positive comments have been posted. When you find these hidden gems, you will definitely want to share them on your platform.

Conclusion on using customer reviews in visual advertising campaigns

Regardless of the industry or product, you should use customer ratings to improve your digital marketing strategy.

As more and more searchers search online to see if a product fits their needs, you would be doing your business a disservice if you don't have an aesthetically pleasing video or picture to greet them.

By implementing a multichannel customer review campaign, you can show potential customers that not only is your product loved by the owners, but that you really understand your audience's pain.

Highlighting this key issue through the language and context your current customers are using ensures that potential customers understand and resolve their needs.

While the six customer rating strategies discussed above will allow you to provide evidence to potential customers, you should also start a campaign based entirely on ratings. With a handful of effective reviews, you can create a narrative that tells your entire brand story while increasing visibility and awareness.

Where do you start incorporating customer reviews?

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