Meet the businesses combatting vogue’s sustainability drawback

As trend cycles become ever quicker and fast fashion dominates the news, some brands are making a stand for sustainability. We find out what it takes to create a real difference

Three years ago, By Rotation founder Eshita Kabra took a trip to Rajasthan, India, and found herself reconsidering her relationship with fashion. “I was in my suburban home town, that I hadn’t been back to for over 30 years … and I couldn’t help but feel my people were being affected directly because of the production model we have,” she tells CR.

India is just one of the countries that’s a recipient of the West’s textile waste, much of which ends up in vast landfills. An eye-opening piece published recently by Australian news channel ABC exposed the realities of an Accra landfill, with 15 million used garments entering the Ghanaian capital every week.

It’s an uncomfortable read, and Kabra says she felt similar discomfort while in Rajasthan. “I felt very guilty that I, too, had bought new clothes for honeymoon,” she admits. “I felt like I don’t want to be part of this system, and why don’t I find a way that the average consumer can actually make a difference?”

Top image: courtesy By Rotation; above: By Rotation allows users to ‘rent’ garments

So Kabra launched By Rotation – a platform that allows users to ‘rent’ their garments out to others, whether on a daily or weekly basis. She says the idea is to give everyday people something accessible and convenient that’s an alternative to the often-high price points of many sustainable fashion labels, which Kabra says can be “elitist” because of the financial commitment.

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