Masterclass Evaluations: Which MasterClass Programs Ought to Writers Take?

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I’m a huge fan of MasterClass. You’ve probably heard of it: it’s a library of online classes taught by the best people in their fields (like Serena Williams for tennis, Steph Curry for basketball, and Steve Martin for comedy).

The MasterClass Courses

As a writer, I’m most interested in learning from other authors, like Malcolm Gladwell, Margaret Atwood, James Patterson, and Neil Gaiman.

Each author’s MasterClass gives you a chance to learn directly from a bestselling writer. And these classes are masterfully designed (if you’ll pardon the pun.)

They include dozens of hours of video lessons, exclusive downloads (like the authors’ own edited drafts of their writing!), practical homework assignments (writing prompts from the experts!), and even interactive office hours where you can ask the authors questions and get feedback.

Find out more about MasterClass here.

But with so many classes available, which ones are worth your time? Here at The Write Practice, we’re attending and reviewing each author’s MasterClass to help you decide whether it’s the class for you.

The Write Practice’s MasterClass Reviews

Check out all our MasterClass reviews:

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Dan Brown’s MasterClass

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Aaron Sorkin’s MasterClass

Try MasterClass Yourself

Interested in taking a course (or several courses) from authors you love? An annual membership is $180 and gives you access to every MasterClass for a year.

That means you can take classes from all the authors on MasterClass (and hey, maybe pick up some cooking skills from Gordon Ramsay while you’re at it).

Best of all, right now MasterClass is holding an amazing sale: buy one annual membership, and you’ll get a second annual membership free. There’s never been a better time to join MasterClass.

This sale ends tonight, though, so if it sounds interesting to you, don’t wait!

Want to learn from bestselling authors? Join MasterClass with an annual membership.

Join MasterClass »

Have you tried MasterClass? Which courses have you taken, and what did you think? Let us know in the comments.


Imagine a class taught by an expert you admire—but an unruly student has brought a frog into the class. Who’s the expert? And what do they do with the frog?

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And don’t forget to check out MasterClass! Good news: MasterClass courses are guaranteed not to include students’ unexpected frogs. (Unless you bring your own, of course.)