Malika Favre's attractive Kamasutra alphabet is now out there in guide kind

The illustrator's 26 cheeky letters were immortalized in print thanks to a glossy hardcover book from Counter-Print

Malike Favre first created her Kamasutra alphabet in 2013 as a personal project and exhibition. At the time, Favre – who is no stranger to a cheeky alphabet, having previously created the similarly cheeky Alphabunnies – described the images as "sexy, modern and daring without being vulgar or over the top".

What started as eight letters soon grew into a full alphabet of intertwined human bodies that occupied some remarkably acrobatic sex positions. The letters also appear in a series of cheeky gifs that introduce undulating motion that brings every position to life.

The edition of the Kama Sutra by Counter-Print combines Favre's letters with excerpts from erotic writings, which come mainly from poets and originate from antiquity.

The book itself is a lavish affair, housed in an embossed slipcase and with a gold-foiled cover. There are also a number of limited edition foil prints that you can buy.

Kama Sutra A-Z is being published by Counter-Print at a price of £ 45.;