Logos lose their strikes for Movember

Julius Pringles and Colonel Sanders were both shaved to celebrate the month-long Movember Challenge

The logo tweak is the first time Mr P has been seen without his soup strainer and in fact the snack brand's identity has been changed for the first time since 1968.

The creative agency We Are Social has redesigned it as part of the brand's partnership with Movember. She urges men to grow a mustache during the course of November to raise awareness and raise funds for men's health issues.

Mustacheless Julius Pringles, as his official name is, will appear on the brand's social media – although it's not yet clear whether his trademark will gradually grow back over the course of the month (we hope it will). .

Nor is Mr P. the only one taking part in the initiative. KFC's Colonel Sanders is also naked thanks to Sid Lee Paris, who redesigned the logo, making it look surprisingly youthful. KFC is also using the logo to promote Movember and will probably / hopefully show the Colonel in various stages of regrowth throughout the month as well.

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