Loewe launches Studio Ghibli collab with playful digital expertise

Luxury fashion house Loewe is launching the final chapter of its Studio Ghibli collaboration with a spotlight on Howl’s Moving Castle. The classic anime directed by Hayao Miyazaki follows the story of Sophie, a teenager who’s transformed into an elderly woman by the Witch of Waste, and her quest to break the spell.

The Spanish fashion label has launched a collection built around the film’s central characters. Along with Sophie and the Witch of the Waste, it features the titular wizard Howl, his apprentice Markl, the fire demon Calcifer, a scarecrow nicknamed Turnip Head, and Heen the dog.

The Howl’s Moving Castle capsule collection has been teased over the last few weeks on social media through a combination of ads and a charming graphic that puts a Ghibli twist on the fashion house’s name. Loewe has also drummed up anticipation in real life with a giant inflatable castle that cropped up in Paris in January before heading to London to coincide with the drop.

To mark the official launch, Loewe also teamed up with Stink Studios on a mobile activation, which can be accessed by scanning a QR code in the shape of Calcifer.

The digital experience features still scenes from the film, to which some additional animation has been introduced by the designers. It invites you to “let your heart guide you” through these scenes, which can be interacted with through simple yet playful actions. Much like a game, the choices made influence the outcome by matching players to a character in the film.

The experience is complemented by an IRL exhibition of campaign images shot by Juergen Teller, as well as a special culinary experience, both hosted at Selfridges in London.