Kick It Out goes grassroots with its new branding

The charity celebrates its 30th anniversary next year, with the organisation expanding its focus over the last three decades from racism in football through to all forms of discrimination in sport. It’s currently partnering with Sky Sports, and as part of the collaboration has developed new programmes for schools, editorial initiatives and MBA in football scholarships to tackle underrepresentation.

According to Hollie Varney, Kick It Out’s head of brand marketing and communications, the time had come to refresh, modernise, and create a more flexible brand identity to help expand the charity’s reach and remit.

Sky Creative has replaced the previous sans serif wordmark with an energetic new football-shaped logo, which renders the name of the charity in what looks like duct tape.

According to the in-house studio, the aim was to express Kick It Out’s grassroots beginnings and also bring in a bit more attitude, and the new look undoubtedly has a lot more personality and vigour than Kick It Out’s previous branding.

It also seems much more adaptable, able to change colour to appear alongside the logos of football clubs, many of which are more intricate crest-style symbols. In these instances, the Kick It Out branding holds its own without undermining the club.

Its tape-style type also feels right at home in some of Kick It Out’s creative executions – for example, ‘If you see it or hear it report it’ pasted on the walls of the men’s toilet, or even at a larger size in the centre of the pitch.