KFC's newest stunt is cracking different manufacturers' slogans

With It & # 39; s Finger Lickin & # 39; Good on hold, the fast food brand is trying some alternative slogans for size – and you're already familiar with these

In Mutter's April Fool's joke campaign, KFC relies on iconic slogans such as "Because you're worth it", "The power of dreams", "Every little bit helps" and "Amusingly, it gives you wings". This is followed by the interruption of the 64-year-old KFC slogan "It's Finger Lickin 'Good" in 2020 when Covid immediately made the slogan inappropriate.

KFC promises it will return, but for the next 48 hours they've been hijacking some options from other brands – with the results apparently "testing" via outdoor advertising and social media.

Using other companies' slogans is a dreary field, and it's hard to imagine mom with any other brand giving permission for the slogans they borrow.

On the other hand, the current mania for brands interacting on social media, as well as previous campaigns like Marmite that “hack” British advertising suggests that they may be okay with this after all.