Jealous Gallery’s Lockdown Secrets and techniques present exposes our quarantine confessions

Hosted at London’s Jealous Gallery, the exhibition brings together Tattersfield’s collection of confessions, which the designer and Marby & Elm founder amassed over lockdown after promising people, via Instagram, a postcard in exchange for a secret. Lockdown Secrets features the most memorable examples drawn, the gallery says, from across all walks of life.

One person admits their hatred of yoga with Adrienne – the YouTube channel many people turned to for lockdown fitness – while someone else owns up to an unhealthy obsession with RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Other postcards are spicier, with confessions that range from shagging the man from Freddie’s Flowers, to sharing honest feelings about a difficult boss. There are also more emotionally charged statements, including postcards about painful and failing relationships, or ones, by contrast, that were sparked by the extreme circumstances of the pandemic.

Whatever your experience of lockdown, at least one of Tattersfield’s postcards will ring true, and taken together they form a neat microcosm of the mania that was unending quarantine.

All images courtesy Jealous Gallery

Exhibition-goers are able to buy a book of the postcards, or a limited edition jigsaw puzzle of what Jealous Gallery describes as “one of the most iconic postcards out of the bunch”.

Lockdown Secrets is on display at Jealous Gallery until 7 November;