ITV is asking us to begin a brand new psychological well being marketing campaign

To mark UK Mental Health Awareness Week, ITV's new campaign is part of the broadcaster's ongoing effort to stimulate discussion of mental illness.

The new range of spots is designed to reflect text message formats and group chats. It underscores the type of conversations that many people are having across the country, while the vast majority of our communications shift to digital media while blocked.

The spots range from light-heartedness – like the debut of a dodgy DIY haircut to group chat or a long monologue about the state of the garden – to more touching moments like sending an ultrasound scan of the newest family member.

A clip ponders the wording of a message (or whether it is worth sending it at all). This often happens when people deal with conversations that lack all the basic foodstuffs such as sound and body language.

The new campaign is a further development of one of Uncommon's UK Get Talking projects for ITV, this time with a distinctly digital feeling in tune with the times. It is particularly aimed at younger target groups and is popular because one in four young people suffers from psychological support during Covid-19 and there is an increase in first-time patients.

“This campaign and identity was developed against the production trends that this lock forces us to. We wanted to do something different, honest and irritating, but still emotional, ”says Nils Leonard, co-founder of Uncommon. “We have used the way we send messages as our medium. The sincere love, the one-sided hanging around and the tortuous hesitation that we have all felt has shown how difficult it can be to do the simplest: to address those who you normally do not. "