Italian branches of Burger King current the Social Distancing Whopper

When Italy emerged from the lockdown, Burger King launched a new version of its classic burger with additional onions to support social distancing

While many brands took a serious, almost serious, approach to advertising during the corona virus, Burger King tended to go the other way and deliver news related to the pandemic, but with a smile.

At the start of the ban, Burger King France gave advice on creating his whopper at home and promised to host a selection of parties for kids who were unlucky enough to have a barrier birthday. Now the latest campaign of the Wunderman Thompson Italia brand introduces the Social Distancing Whopper.

The new product, which is available in all Italian Burger King stores, offers everything you would expect from the branded product of the Burger brand, but with one twist: a thick layer of onions that is supposed to make you stinky so that people look different want to keep away from you.

The campaign's design may lack part of the vigor of Moldy Burger ads, which made us all talk about what it felt like a few decades ago in February, but Burger King proves that the advertising idea is king in these difficult times stays and there are many you.