Is it price getting "Google Assured"?

Google introduced a new consumer protection feature called Google Guaranteed. Companies that advertise through Local Services Ads can apply for a Google Guarantee qualification to provide customers with added security.

Google Guarantee could be a powerful lead generation tool to help you stand out from your competitors.

The program helps showcase home service providers who have been pre-screened. Having a prominent green Google Guaranteed Badge with a check mark on it can make these ads more grabbing than others. This is not only due to the eye-catching badge, but also knowing that they can choose a company that has already been certified by Google.

What should you know before applying? Let's take a look at what Google guarantees, who will benefit from it, and why you might be considering it for your business.

What is Google Guaranteed?

Google Guaranteed is a certification program designed to increase customer confidence in local businesses. Customers who review businesses online can look for the Google Guaranteed Badge, which offers protection if something goes wrong.

Many businesses are already using Google's Local Services ads to generate leads for their businesses through paid searches. The Google Guarantee offers help for businesses looking to drive more organic traffic instead.

Services booked through Local Services Ads are automatically insured up to a lifelong limit, which varies depending on the location. Every customer who books in this way has the convenience of knowing that they can claim the invoice amount if they are dissatisfied with the service.

How to tell if a company is guaranteed by Google

Google Guaranteed will add a green "badge" tick to Qualified Company names. If a customer uses an audio search in the Google Assistant or Google Home instead of searching on a screen, that guarantee is audibly confirmed.

Example of how customers can tell if a company is guaranteed by Google

How is Google guaranteed to work?

If your company uses Local Services ads, you can apply for the program by signing up for Local Services ads and requesting Google's warranty. If the service is available in your region and you earn certification, an ID or logo will appear next to your ad.

When you apply, Google will review your business license, insurance, and online ratings. They also do background checks for employees – free of charge for you. Owners backgrounds are always checked and other backgrounds are checked based on the nature of your business.

If your company passes this exam, you will receive a badge to show that Google pre-qualified you.

If a customer is dissatisfied with your service, they can submit a request to Google for a refund. Google will then contact you for more information and possibly request additional information from the customer. You have the opportunity to solve problems with your customer. If that doesn't work, Google will decide on a fair solution based on its judgment and results.

What does the Google Guaranteed Program cover?

Google Guarantee covers customers for up to $ 2,000 in the US and Canada, with limits varying in other countries as the program expands.

The lifetime limits in different regions are as follows:

  • USA: $ 2,000
  • Canada: CAD 2,000
  • United Kingdom: £ 1,500
  • Germany: € 1,500
  • France: € 1,500
  • Ireland: € 1,500
  • Italy: € 1,500
  • Spain: € 1,500
  • Belgium: € 1,500
  • Netherlands: € 1,500
  • Austria: € 1,500
  • Switzerland: 2,000.

What does Google not guarantee?

There are restrictions on coverage that both businesses and customers should be aware of. For example, customers must have booked the work themselves through Local Services Ads and request a refund within 30 days of completing the service.

The claim must be asserted for the amount on the invoice for the originally provided service up to a maximum amount for life. It cannot include additions, future projects, damage, or cancellations, and a customer's dissatisfaction with the price will not be considered a valid reason for a refund.

Is my company eligible for the Google Guaranteed Program?

If you'd like to enroll, you might be in luck! Google Guarantee has been introduced in many areas over the past few years, focusing on home services. The industries eligible for Google Guaranteed vary from region to region and may change as the program expands. One of the first steps is to check your eligibility to see if the program is available to you.

Guaranteed program eligibility from Google

Which industries are allowed in the USA?

In the US, the following industries are eligible for Google Guarantee: equipment repair, auto glass, auto repair, carpet and upholstery cleaning, electrics, event planning, financial planning, garage door installation, household cleaning, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), garbage disposal, lawn maintenance, locksmithing , Pest control, animal care, photography, plumbing, roofing, tree care, water damage restoration, window cleaning and window repair.

Which industries are allowed in Canada?

In Canada, Google Guarantee covers HVAC companies, locksmiths, and plumbing companies.

Does Google guarantee to cover all professional services?

The Google warranty program currently only covers home services. However, Google has a program called Google Screened that covers professional services like financial planning, law, and real estate.

How are local service ads guaranteed in relation to Google?

The Local Services Ads program already offers you the opportunity to advertise to potential customers in your region using a paid search.

Google Guaranteed is a feature of Local Service Ads that aims to build trust in local businesses. It gives businesses the opportunity to potentially attract more organic traffic without investing time and money on paid search engine marketing.

As a business owner, you may appreciate that it's simpler to use, targeting organic traffic, and costing you an easy-to-understand flat rate.

Is Google guaranteed to be worth it?

It depends on your business needs. You need to decide if Google Guaranteed is worth the cost to your business, weighing the cost of the program and the time it will take to get certification and maintain it against the potential rewards.

You should also consider how much competition you typically have for your services. If you typically have to compete with a large number of other companies, you will likely benefit more from having your ads featured.

How is Google guaranteed to benefit from companies?

Google's Guaranteed Ads Program gives businesses a unique way to get to the top of search results as they are displayed over normal pay-per-click (PPC) Google ads. Note, however, that in ad format, you can only view your company name, city, phone number, hours of use, and customer rating.

What does Google guarantee to offer customers?

Google Guaranteed reduces the confusion when comparing local competitors by increasing customer confidence in certified companies. The program acts as a consumer protection service and provides customers with a valuable opportunity to spend money with confidence. Prospecting vendor screening can be faster and easier knowing that Google supports quality.

Are there any downsides to the Google Guaranteed Program?

Applying to Google Guaranteed will not accept it overnight and you will need to maintain your position in the program. There is also a cost associated with using the program. Hence, every company should expect some learning curve to figure out how to measure results.

There is an in-depth certification process that includes background checks on some or all of the employees. Depending on the size of the company, this can take some time. Interested companies should therefore apply early and be patient while Google reviews their application.

It's also worth noting that this is a source of revenue for Google and is likely to expand. While it offers valuable benefits now, it will be interesting to see what happens in the future as more companies sign up.

When everyone gets certified, how will you stand out from the competition?

Is the Google Guaranteed Program Right for Your Business?

For many small businesses struggling to navigate the complicated world of pay-per-click search marketing, the Google Guarantee Program could have a significant impact. You may be able to spend less time doing keyword research and bid strategy, so you can spend more time running your business.

While paid search can be a powerful tool, many companies have not been able to expend the time or budget necessary to generate a return on investment. While there is always expert advice on digital marketing available, those who are just starting out should try this out first.

How much does it cost to get Google Guaranteed?

The program costs a base fee of $ 50 per month with an annual cost of $ 600. However, there are also costs for each lead.

Google Guaranteed is different from pay-per-click. You only pay when a customer calls or connects to use your services instead of paying every time a prospect clicks an ad.

The costs vary depending on the market and industry. However, the average cost per guaranteed lead from Google appears to be around $ 25. Businesses can dispute leads that are illegitimate – for example, if the customer in your ad is out of local area or if incomplete customer contact information is provided so that you cannot follow up.

Similar programs have been introduced by other companies such as E.g. Yelp's verified license, which you might compare to Google Guaranteed. Google's new certification may be similar to Yelp's, but the Google Guarantee program offers a powerful guarantee of quality that Yelp doesn't.

How to set up Google Guaranteed for your business

To set up the Google Guarantee for your business, submit your application to Google for review.

They indicate in which country you are, in which branch your company is located and which postal code or postal code you have. This step will confirm if Google Guaranteed is available in your area, as mentioned above. Once this has been confirmed, you can end your application.

How to Prepare for Google Business

If Google Guaranteed isn't yet available in your area, there are still steps you can take to prepare for it. Make sure your business license and insurance are up to date. You should also check your Google reviews and encourage your happy customers to review your business online and correct negative reviews.

Keep your guaranteed Google status

Congratulations if you are on the Google warranty program. Your efforts shouldn't stop there, however. You need to stick to the standards you set to even receive certification. These standards mean keeping your business license and insurance up to date. Monitor your Google reviews to fix issues and keep encouraging your customers to leave reviews first.


Google Guarantee could be a powerful source of lead generation for businesses looking to grow. This can help small and medium-sized businesses generate more organic traffic and compete without hitting paid search platforms.

Are you registering your company for Google Guaranteed?