Introducing the curated line of cheeky puzzles from Bare Bits

Along with other lonely indoor leisure pursuits like reading and box set binging, the humble puzzle is booming during lockdown.

With their focus on eye-catching colors and aesthetically pleasing backdrops, emerging puzzle brands such as Jiggy, Whiled and Piecework have achieved what was considered impossible before the pandemic: making the puzzle cool again.

Another of these new breed of puzzle connoisseurs, Naked Bits, takes it a step further to stand out from the crowd with a curated range of NSFW puzzles featuring nudity over the decades.

Founded in 2017 by designers Nicole Robinson and Delta Murphy, Naked Bits was a full-time gig for the duo last year when they worked together virtually from their respective homes in New York and Italy on their first Kickstarter campaign.

Following a successful campaign, Robinson and Murphy will release their first four unique puzzles, featuring images from different decades highlighting the evolution of society's views on sexuality and nudity.

Each puzzle set, titled Slave for a Queen, The Forest Swan, Tangled Bodies, and Sisterhood, contains 550 pieces and features images from the works of Bob Mizer, Shoog McDaniel, and Anne Barlinckhoff.

Mizer has been a photographer since the 1940s. His idealistic version of the male body has helped change society's perception of male nudity from shameful to solemn, while McDaniel is a Mediterranean, weird, non-binary photographer and artist who sheds light on diversity with his work at Barlinckhoff , who currently lives and works in Europe and Africa, is concerned with questioning social assumptions.

By combining the nondescript puzzle with traditionally taboo topics, Naked Bits aims to provide an engaging and carefree experience while challenging the puzzlers to learn from the past and listen to the voices of today.

"Our imagination is to break free from the taboo of the naked body – by celebrating all forms of nudity, body types, sexualities and identities, and by combining a traditional game with an unconventional theme," say Robinson and Murphy.

“Our dream is for Naked Bits to break the taboo and encourage everyone to relax, laugh a little and accept each other for who they are. We know this is a pretty big question for a puzzle, but it's worth a try, isn't it? "