Inter Milan introduces the stripped-down "I’m" brand

The new logo picks up on the roots of Inter Milan, which the club describes as a "modern reinterpretation of the club's historical symbol in a sleek and minimalist form". This also makes it much more suitable to use online and on screen.

The letters I and M were translated from the original brand of graphic designer and illustrator Giorgio Muggiani, who was also a painter, caricaturist and, appropriately, football referee. The two characters are framed in a circle and are colored to match the original colors selected for the club in 1908 – albeit in a livelier shade.

According to Inter Milan, the logo is also a piece about “I am”, apparently in order to reach a wider audience of nationalities and age groups and to reflect the identity of Milan itself.

Skeptics might think this is an unnecessary backwards rationalization, especially if the logo itself is strong enough to stand without too much deeper meaning. It also occasionally leads to awkward branding in some graphics that introduce the new logo, as well as some openly bizarre statements, including “I M Balls”, which of course undermines the elegance of Bureau Borsche's logo design.

Aside from the awkward I M / I slogan, the update is certainly nifty, joining a growing group of companies re-examining heritage logos, minimizing and reducing them to suit the needs of the digital. Expect more to come.