Illustrators replicate on the earth and surroundings for Classic’s new assortment

Artwork by Kit Boyd

The Vintage Earth series brings together a collection of titles exploring the relationship between humanity and the environment. Composed of eight reissued books, the set seeks to connect readers with writing and stories linked to the natural world.

Eight artists, drawn from around the world, have created covers for the collection – which features a range of notable authors spanning the literary landscape, including Ian McEwan, Tania James and Richard Powers.

Vintage Earth Yu Hsuan WangArtwork by Yu-Hsuan Wang
Vintage Earth Yu ChengyouArtwork by Yu Chengyou
Vintage Earth Muhammed SajidArtwork by Muhammed Sajid

“The series was designed to be versatile and really showcase the work of the commissioned illustrators,” says Vintage’s creative director Suzanne Dean. “Free of the constraints of typography, each artist was given an open brief to respond to their respective novel, along with a broad colour palette which helped to cohere the series.

“The commissioned illustrators are spread far across the globe: from India (Muhammed Sajid), Taiwan (Yu-Hsuan Wang), China (Yu Chengyou), USA (Casey Roberts), Spain (Jesús Sotés, María Medem), Gibraltar (Jesse Stone), and the UK (Kit Boyd).”

Vintage Earth Maria MedemArtwork by Maria Medem
Vintage Earth Jesus SotesArtwork by Jesús Sotés
Vintage Earth Jesse StoneArtwork by Jesse Stone
Vintage Earth Casey RobertsArtwork by Casey Roberts

Moving between the gentle, minimalist landscapes of Solar and The Wall, the detailed vistas of The Man Who Planted Trees and The Man with the Compound Eyes, and the evocative figures of The Tusk That Did the Damage and The Mermaid of Black Conch, the featured artworks come together to form a wonderfully cohesive whole.

The Vintage Earth series is published by Vintage;