Ikea tells the story of the turtle and the rabbit

Aesop's fable receives a prequel in Ikea's sleep-oriented new advertising campaign celebrating the benefits of a good night

Mama started the Tomorrow Starts Tonight campaign, which features a hard-living rabbit and sensible turtle on the eve of their famous race.

Except this time, the rabbit doesn't brag about its speed, but spends the night with friends and plays video games until the early hours of the morning. In the meantime, the turtle has a full sleep.

The purpose of the ad is to remind viewers what we can accomplish when we sleep properly – in a neat bedroom adorned with Ikea merchandise, rather than the sofa in a messy living room.

In addition to the television commercial, led by Sam Pilling, the campaign will appear on social media and in a series of posters that further emphasize the benefits of sleep.

Agency: mother
Production company: Pulse
Director: Sam Pilling

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