Hulu introduces a revamped model expertise

The US streaming platform has updated its design system to provide a more consistent experience and to reflect the old adage that inspired its name

As design plays an increasingly important role in differentiating between the numerous streaming services, the US platform Hulu has introduced a new brand, marketing and product experience that aims to unite all three under one concept called One Hulu.

The overhaul was a collaboration between brand and design consultancy DixonBaxi and Hulu's relatively new in-house creative studio Greenhouse.

The name Hulu is said to come from an old Chinese proverb that implies the "owner of precious things". This idea was woven into the design system, with the ā€œUā€ in the word mark being part of the frame devices that can be seen throughout the new branding, advertising and product design.

A new network identification has been created for the Disney-owned service, including the Sonic branding developed with Zelig, which is displayed when the platform is launched as well as in pre-rolls and campaigns.

The Hulu green has been retained, along with the introduction of a wider palette to reflect the various content, while the number of fonts has been reduced to graphics that are used throughout.

The launch of the new look coincides with the launch of an OOH campaign in the US and shows what DixonBaxi design director Astrid D & # 39; Hondt describes as Hulu's new "optimistic" tone developed for communication pieces.