How To Customise Your Advertising Throughout Corona Virus (COVID-19)

It's been about a month since the corona virus has turned our lives upside down.

The corona virus is something that none of us expected, from social distancing and getting used to life without nature, to constantly washing hands and wearing masks and seeing how relatives and friends get sick.

Even our businesses suffer. Just take a look at the Coronavirus marketing statistics I shared a few weeks ago. The results are devastating.

That is why I decided to change Ubersuggest and make it freer to help small businesses.

A lot has changed since then and there are new opportunities for your online business and marketing activities.

Opportunity # 1: Help others selflessly

My advertising agency has thousands of customers around the world. We lost a ton, but we still have enough to spot trends.

When I saw companies starting to lose a lot of money, I decided to provide more premium features from Ubersuggest for free. That means it would take me much longer to break even, but I'm not worried about that right now.

Check out the picture below. You will see something interesting.

The table shows how many free trial registrations Ubersuggest received in the past month.

Remember, new customers mean free trials. A large number of users with free trials do not convert into paying customers. The more trial versions you theoretically receive, the more paid customers you will eventually get.

As you can see, the diagram is decreasing. That's because I've opened more paid Ubersuggest features and made them free.

It is interesting that you (and other community members) supported me.

The moment I blogged about other features to open for
Many of you have decided to purchase a paid subscription.

I received dozens of emails from the marketing community saying thank you and saying they appreciated everything I did AND bought a paid plan to help me.

Registrations are generally not available at the moment, but that's exactly what happens when you choose to give away more for free. I didn't do it because I'm trying to use corona virus or look good. Instead, I'm just trying to help people, just like I was lucky that people helped me in times of need.

But here's what's interesting … my traffic started to increase
on uugsuggest the moment me
told everyone that I'm giving away more for free.

I am not the only one who has experienced this.

Eric Siu has decided to give away a course where people learn how to set up a marketing agency for free (he usually charges $ 1,497), and just over 250 people have accepted Eric from his offer.

This has led Eric to attract more social media fans
gave him the opportunity to make a webinar about his products / services a new one
Audience of 50,000 people.

Like me, Eric didn't try to do this to win
All in all, he's just trying to help people.

I also know someone in the health care field who has done something similar and a person in the work area.

They all saw the indirect benefits of helping people.

In all cases I've seen, the result is more traffic.

Think about what you can give away free of charge for your website and your company. Anything you can do to help people is appreciated, especially during this difficult time. You will also find that it brings you more visitors, which is a nice indirect benefit.

Opportunity # 2: Paid ads are really, really cheap

The latest trend is that paid ads are getting cheaper.

This makes sense because these large advertising networks make money through an auction system. You need small businesses to increase the cost-per-click (CPC) for ads so that the big billion dollar businesses have to spend more on ads.

If you don't advertise as many small businesses (as we are experiencing now), there isn't as much competition for inventory, so the cost per click will decrease.

But the virus made us spend more time online, so companies like Netflix had to reduce their streaming quality to help.

In other words, the traffic on the web has increased and there are fewer advertisers. This means that ads are cheaper.

Now we can also see that conversion rates are falling in certain areas
Industries, but not nearly as fast as the CPCs.

If we averaged across industries and globally, we’ll get paid ads that have a much higher ROI than before the coronavirus hit. Just look at the table below.

Our customers' ROI has generally increased from 31% to 53%. This corresponds to a 71% increase in ROI.

If you haven't tried paid ads yet, keep this in mind. If you do this, you should consider increasing it because there are more stocks than in recent years.

Opportunity # 3: Conversions aren't available, but there is one

Conversion rates have dropped in many industries. Here is a
Quick snapshot of how it was right after the first big week in the
United States.

Things have changed since then. For some industries it has gotten better, for others like travel it is still terrible and will be for a while. Delta Airlines currently burns $ 60 million a day.

However, we found a solution that increased conversion rates by an average of 12%.

If you are a business that sells something online, you should offer payment plans through services like Affirm.

Payment plans reduce the financial burden on your customers
will face in the short term.

And you don't have to be an e-commerce company to leverage payment plans. If you sell consulting services, you can accept money over a period of one year.

If you sell e-books or digital courses, you can too
have a monthly installment plan.

When I sold digital products on, I found that about 19% of people chose my payment plan.

This is an easy way to increase your conversion rates, especially at a time when many people are short-term trying to cut their cash spending.

Opportunity # 4: Offer education-based training

If you're looking for a good opportunity, consider selling
Your audience educational courses.

With unemployment
Numbers hit all-time highs, more people than ever are looking for new ones

Many of these opportunities lie in areas such as high-tech
that not everyone has experience in.

And of course, starting school can be expensive and time-consuming. Let's face it … You can probably learn more applicable knowledge on YouTube than sitting in a college class for 4 years (at least for most professions).

Where do people go to learn? Any online training
Website with very specific niche advice and courses.

Whether it's Udemy or you're selling your own courses, people are looking for help.

If you don't know how to sell bulk online courses, follow these instructions. I take it apart step by step and even give you the templates you need to succeed. They're the same ones that I made over $ 381,722 a month in sales with.

Opportunity # 5: geographical diversification

COVID-19 is a global problem. But it affects some
Countries worse than others.

For example, South Korea was luckier to control the spread of the virus than many other countries.

And countries like the United States and Italy have exploded
in daily cases.

With over 84,000 new cases per day and rapid growth, virus spread or slowdown can dramatically affect your traffic.

For this reason, you should consider diversification
Regions from which you receive your traffic.

With international search engine optimization, you can quickly gain more traffic and be less dependent on a country's economy.

For example, here is my traffic swing for my SEO traffic in
the United States in the past few months.

US traffic is slowly increasing. It's still not back where it was during my all-time highs, but it's not as low as when the corona virus first hit the United States.

On the other hand, our traffic in Brazil went through the roof.

We have not changed our strategy, it is not related to the algorithm. We didn't produce more content than usual. We have just seen an increase.

We also see a nice increase in India.

By translating your content for other regions and using international search engine optimization, you can quickly increase your traffic.

Sure, it can take 6 months to a year for results to be achieved in the United States. However, this is not the case in regions like Brazil where there is not so much competition.

If you want to get results similar to mine, follow my global SEO strategy.
It works well … just look at the pictures above.


Unfortunately, the next few months will worsen. The daily
The number of new coronavirus victims is growing.

From a personal perspective, you can only stay indoors and practice social distancing.

However, you can make changes from a marketing, business, and career perspective.

You should (unfortunately) have more time now, so use it for yours
Advantage. Make the effort to grow. That way you come out of the
Corona virus stronger.

Which of the above options will you implement first?