How outsourcing sure duties can save your company money and time

When your team is overworked and under pressure, creativity suffers. In a climate where budgets are tight and time is tight, it pays to focus your energies on the things that make the most difference.

Every project has time-consuming tasks that have to be done by someone. For example, bulk clean up photo backgrounds or resize assets for every conceivable social platform. Cropping hundreds of product images to populate an ecommerce website, or vector tracing a folder of low resolution JPEGs.

It can be difficult to justify the budget for hiring one of your usual freelancers for this type of thing, or it can require a one-day turnaround time on the short term that they simply cannot accommodate.

As a result, these tasks naturally fall to the youngest members of your team. You may have difficulty integrating them, or you might prefer them to spend their time improving their skills or providing assistance in other areas.

AnyTask offers an alternative route if you need to relieve the team for very fast processing. If necessary, you may also be able to quickly and inexpensively close short-term skills gaps on certain projects if you don't have enough time or budget to engage your usual freelance contacts.

Since many of the freelancers on the AnyTask platform are based in countries in the global south such as Nigeria, Pakistan and the Philippines, the price you pay relative to the quality of the work is much cheaper – and you can easily use different time zones for your work use advantage if you are against it.

Launched by blockchain company Electroneum, AnyTask strengthens its global community of 10,000+ freelancers by completely removing fees at the end of the seller. Other freelance platforms charge up to 20% by comparison.

Behind the scenes, AnyTask freelancers are paid with Electroneum's own cryptocurrency (ETN). This opens up a much broader source of talent in developing countries: people who may not have easy access to a bank account or the ability to pay currency conversion fees can now become a valuable part of the global digital economy.

The website even does the translation between users, so in theory no one has to speak or understand English – provided, of course, they have the specific skills your agency needs at the time.

London-based marketing expert Paul Homewood, who has bought over 40 freelance assignments at AnyTask to date, is a strong proponent of outsourcing specific tasks to remote talent around the world: “It's nice to know someone is in a different time zone work for you while you sleep, ”he says.

"It's also an opportunity to give work to people who would otherwise not have access to the global digital economy," added Homewood. "They can change the lives of some very talented people."

AnyTask freelancers advertise specific tasks that they can offer, with prices ranging from a dollar to a maximum of $ 100 per task. There is also a 100% payment protection policy for the safety of all parties.

Consider the kind of standalone tasks that needlessly break your juniors and consume time and resources that could better be used elsewhere.

By outsourcing it as part of your usual creative workflow, you can save time and hassle, free your team to focus on the core of the project – and maximize the value you get from your existing network of freelance contacts.

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