How Habito is making mortgages much less hellish

Since 2016, Habito has been on a mission to challenge the typical process of getting a mortgage. We explore how the brand is creating a more enjoyable and entertaining experience for homebuyers

When Daniel Hegarty embarked on the journey of buying his dream home in 2014, he couldn’t have imagined how far from a dream the process of getting there would be. After saving up enough for a deposit, finding a house he and his partner both loved, and having their offer accepted, all that was left to do was submit their mortgage application.

A series of calamities swiftly ensued, including their mortgage broker listing Hegarty’s partner on the application forms twice, and having to desperately scrabble ­together three years’ worth of P60s after the seller threatened to pull out.

In the end, Hegarty was able to move into his new home, but it was no thanks to the antiquated, complex and ultimately broken system that is the UK’s £1.3 trillion mortgage market. In fact, he found the whole process so infuriating that he spent the next couple of years building his own business in order to challenge everything that was wrong with it. Enter Habito: a brand with a mission to set people free from the hell of mortgages.

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