How good measures problem medical Covid signage

A new company dedicated to post-pandemic pathfinding has released a line of vinyl signs designed to help rather than help hector

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, companies are finally starting to replace their hastily drawn signs and taped floors with more elegant design solutions. With companies looking for signage that can guide people without leaning or scaring them, a space has opened up for a new signpost.

Good Measures, a company that was formed during the lockdown, is capitalizing on this new need. It was launched by vinyl printing company Puck Studio and interior design firm InterestingProjects, who had teamed up to find ways to combat the clinical and unwanted signage that was popping up everywhere after the arrival of Covid.

"We realized pretty quickly that people would need socially distant signs, and we saw that common versions of hazard, health and safety were popping up in different places," said Dave Gibbons, director of Puck Studio.

"The problem is that not only is this a bit depressing, but that there is so much of that type of signage that it turns into white noise and loses its effect."

The Good Measures range includes everything from a reminder with a smiley face to observing a distance of two meters to signs saying "Please clean up here", sticky floor rulers and patterned adhesive tape. They are specifically designed for any type of business and can also be customized.