Home Is Where The Heart Is

The rush of busy people with heads straight marching onward to fulfill their mission…building after building trying to hold hands with the sun as cars and buses dance between their sturdy legs trying not to miss a beat. Dreams had now become a reality; a reality that was shocking and hard to swallow. I cringed as children swam happily on the edges of the murky river; this was their beach. Every wall and pavement filled with graffiti, for some the beauty of art and others an eye sore! Dogs roaming as freely as their bowel movements; on buses and trains now don’t you dare touch anything and put your hand in your face! I pondered what Europe had to offer me; the land of hope and of a better life away from the islands where opportunities were almost nonexistent. No smiling faces, no neighbors shouting “Good morning Patsy! Yuh good?” – Sometimes we are too eager to run away from the storm and we just end up in a raging hurricane! Ask yourself; am I really mentally prepared to live in a population where 99% of the people are of a different race, background, culture and personality? Do I have what it takes to make it? To remain true to myself or will I conform? Sometimes what we think is better or right may not always be so. What is right for one is defined by purpose; what is your purpose? Do not be distracted by things that seemingly appear to be good or better because they are not always the right thing. So I implore you to never neglect your crystal clear waters, lush pastures, sunny skies and friendly smiles because the grass is not always greener on the other side.