Heinz celebrates "easy measurement" with a brand new international grasp model

The identity covers all Heinz products around the world and unites them under one visual roof. The redesign hit the shelves earlier this year and shows prominently the “Keystone” symbol of the brand – designed for Keystone State, Pennsylvania, where the company was founded.

JKR's work makes good use of the brand, uses its familiarity and uses it as a playful framework, with spaghetti hoops, cheeky beans and plump tomatoes, all of which interact with it.

It is accompanied by two brand fonts, Heinz Label – with letter shapes that mimic the Heinz logo – and Intro, which offers a range of styles, including inline capital letters and typeface. In addition to green, yellow, blue and white, a new color palette contains the required Heinz red.

The overhaul is intended to help align Heinz with all of its various markets. "We know that iconic, distinctive assets are key to improving the effectiveness of your brand across all channels – whether paid, earned, or owned," said Victoria Sjardin, vice president of marketing for the international zone at Kraft Heinz.

JKR Managing Director Jonny Spindler says that the Masterbrand Heinz & # 39; celebrates "simple size" and creates a "brand association" in the different business areas.