Heimat's Unity Flags marketing campaign reveals a brand new imaginative and prescient for German identification

The online tool allows users to create new versions of the black, red and yellow emblem and choose whether to use regional symbols, details from the flags of 193 other countries or other symbols such as the rainbow, the raised fist of Black Lives Matter or the star want to insert from david.

Tom Hauser, Executive Creative Director of Heimat Berlin, said it was the right time to reassess the flag, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the reunification of East and West Germany.

Although it's a significant day, he says it may have lost some of its meaning for younger Germans. "This approach should give the day a new relevance and bring it up to date with regard to its connection to German society – which has also developed over the past 30 years," he told CR. Hauser describes the campaign as an attempt to create “a more liberated, open-minded and diverse view of society and its symbol, the flag”.

Example of a Unity Flags campaign

Unity flags, which were widely used on social media, including by members of the Free Democrats, sparked strong reactions from the German public. While talks about national identity have been recorded, it has also been criticized by others who consider the federal flag sacred or fail to sign its message of inclusion.

“We knew that this would evoke feelings in people,” says Hauser. "There was a discussion about" Why are you doing this? " "And" how can you do that? It's our German flag and you are embarrassing the flag. "On the other hand, people showed support on social media saying the flag is a symbol of the German nation and we may need an update.

"We never wanted to change the German flag, it's more of a social media stunt to set an example for diversity and openness in our German society," he continues.

“We know what happened in the past – the Germans certainly have a burden on their shoulders that is perhaps a little heavier than for other nations. We thought it would be a good opportunity to make this mark and choose the flag as a powerful symbol, open it up and give it back to the people and the public so that everyone can create their own flag. "