Gradwatch 2020 is simply across the nook and we need to see your work

Every year, the CR team attends as many final shows as possible in search of the most exciting creatives who are about to graduate. However, students know better than anyone that this is not a normal year. Studies have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic that has forced university and college campuses to close around the world. In the meantime, the traditional plans for student exhibitions have been changed so that art and design students no longer have a platform in this crucial phase of their careers.

However, with a few changes to our usual format, we are ready and ready to discover new creative talents. We'll search final virtual shows for emerging creatives featured in Gradwatch 2020, our annual storefront that connects you and your work with CR's industry audience.

You can also put your work directly under our nose. We invite everyone who is completing a bachelor's degree in summer 2020 or has just completed it to submit their work directly to the CR team.

This year we are expanding our network further than ever. We look forward to portfolios of graduates from all over the world, provided that you are completing or have just completed a creative course of study that corresponds to a Bachelor or BA program.

Please send your work to You can submit up to five working examples and a short paragraph explaining the area of ​​creativity you specialize in, where you graduated from, and the course you completed.

You can send images as JPG / JPEG files, and videos should be sent as .mov files via WeTransfer or Dropbox. You can also provide links to view the work online. Please do not send zip files as they will be blocked. The deadline for entries is July 20th.

We'll be picking a bunch of graduates to be featured on the CR website later this summer: check out Gradwatch pieces from previous years here. We look forward to your work!