Google's new advert displays the ups and downs of a summer time after lockdown

Uncommon's campaign examines our hopes and fears for the future and covers everything from Covid-induced social fears to the return of hugs, parties and soccer

Framed by the lens of the tech giant's almighty search bar, the film paints a picture of what the next few months might look like – and the questions many of us will ask when life returns to normal.

The ad combines stills and clips – highlighted with a Jamie XX soundtrack – with searches many of us are familiar with, including "things to do outside" and "what is reopening anxiety".

While some of the more personal questions, such as remembering lost loved ones, are the kind of things many of us keep on our mind, they nonetheless touch movingly reflect how the past 18 months have affected the world.

The film captures a strange moment where we waver between hoping for the future and worrying about what it might bring. But where it works is to celebrate and highlight the more relatable parts – and the things we will remember most from those strange times.

Agency: Occasionally
Director: Josh Tenser
Editor: James Rose at The Quarry
Post production and VFX: Untold
Note: Youngster
Soundtrack Composer: Jamie XX

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