Epic Video games cast Apple 1984 advert in Fortnite battle

Fortnite inventor Epic Games has turned to parody in its battle against Apple, releasing a remix of the brand's classic ad from 1984

The Fortnite video shows a cartoon character with a unicorn pickaxe who takes on the role of the heroine who questions the system. The monolithic leader is represented in the form of an apple through which a worm crawls.

While Apple was cast as the rebellious underdog in the original commercial, which aired during the Super Bowl in January 1984 and referred to George Orwell's dystopian novel, Epic Games here portrays the brand as the "big brother" character who runs the world controlled.

The film relates to a dispute between Epic Games and Apple over their App Store policies. When Epic announced this week that players could pay the game brand directly for in-game purchases in Fortnite instead of visiting the App Store, which charges a 30% commission, Apple removed Fortnite from its platforms. Epic Games has since announced that it will be suing Apple for anti-competitive practices.

Apple has certainly strayed a long way from its 1980s image as a creative challenger brand, but portraying it as a monolithic overlord may not go down well with a brand that still positions itself as creative and cool.

In addition, the Fortnite film shows how corporate disputes can suddenly become entertaining for viewers if a little creativity is applied. It will certainly be interesting to see how the battle between Epic and Apple unfolds.