Easy methods to Get Evaluations on Amazon

Amazon reviews are an integral part of the customer decision making process. Without the ability to touch, feel, and test a product in real life, consumers use reviews to determine whether or not an item meets their needs.

A survey by Dimensional Research found that ratings influence 90% of consumers' purchasing decisions.

If you want to grow your ecommerce sales and are wondering how to get reviews on Amazon, you need to create a strategic plan.

Below are some of the ways you can get more reviews and build a successful Amazon ecommerce business.

Why Getting Amazon Reviews Is Important to Your Business

Feedvisor found that 89% of consumers are more likely to buy products from Amazon than any other retail website.

Reviews are particularly important at Amazon. Your commitment to customer satisfaction has meant a lot of resources invested in making sure sales continue. Individual companies using the platform for e-commerce need to collect positive reviews for products in order to rank high and be found by consumers.

Most people don't buy a product if it has a low rating. A study by Podium found that consumers don't look at companies that have less than 3.3 stars.

Podium also noted that consumers are not just concerned with price. They want a good shopping experience too and most are willing to pay up to 15% more to ensure it does. Concerns about shipping times, product functionality, and quality are present among your consumers when shopping.

Reviews help consumers understand how products work, how reliable they are, and how the company selling the product interacts with their consumers.

They also provide data insights into consumer behavior, wants, and needs. Even negative reviews can be beneficial for your business if you know how to use them.

How do I get reviews of Amazon customer ratings?

When a company understands how to get reviews on Amazon, it has a better chance of generating conversions, retaining long-term customers, and thriving on an ecommerce platform.

If you're looking to increase your sales on Amazon, reviews are an excellent place to start.

Here are just a few ways Amazon reviews can impact your ecommerce business.

Amazon Reviews Build Trust Between Brands and Consumers

Amazon reviews are one of the best ways to attract customers to your products. They help customers understand your product and how it works so that they can feel confident in their purchases.

In an online world where regular sensory information is excluded, this is a big selling point for new customers.

Consumers are naturally skeptical when shopping online. Negative reviews can create the impression that your product is a scam or that your company is unreliable.

Reviews also serve as natural word of mouth marketing between consumers.

Amazon ratings influence SEO

Amazon sees the customer experience as the most important factor in its service offerings. From ordering to delivery to returning and reviewing options, they want to keep their customers happy.

Amazon is encouraging its retailers to emulate this value in their stores. They reward retailers with high customer rankings by promoting their products more frequently in search results. This is because the higher your ratings, the more likely you are to please your customers.

Likewise, many consumers will modify their search results so that top quality items come first. If your product is popular and rated, more people are likely to see it.

Amazon reviews provide insights

Amazon reviews can help you understand what your customers like and dislike about your products. You can also compare your products with those of your competitors and understand what your customers are looking for.

Even negative reviews can provide valuable insights into the response to your products from consumers. Paying attention to these details can improve your ratings and overall product catalog.

Amazon Reviews Drive Conversions

Consumers don't trust branded ads and other content. As a result, many are more skeptical than ever when it comes to buying products online.

The more you know about an online product from the consumer's point of view, the more convenient the purchase.

Amazon reviews serve as informative, crowd-sourced opinions about products that consumers can trust. The more people believe your brand is honest and trustworthy, the more likely they are to interact with it.

Amazon Reviews are a free marketing tool

People trust other people when making purchasing decisions.

Think about the days before shopping online. When looking for a new TV, you are likely asking some family members, maybe a couple of friends, or even a neighbor about the best deals in town.

Online reviews work in a similar way. They enable consumers to communicate with each other about which products are good or bad and which products have been received and how.

A study by BrightLocal found that 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.

Amazon reviews can serve as a vine marketing tactic that builds brand loyalty, encourages repeat business, and helps get your product into the minds of consumers.

How to Get Reviews on Amazon

How to Get Reviews on Amazon: 6 Tips

Amazon has strict rules to ensure that reviews are honest, legitimate, and unsolicited. Hence, there is no quick fix to get your reviews up and running.

First of all, Amazon doesn't allow companies to get positive or false reviews from their customers through discounts or gift cards.

That said, if you want to know how to get reviews on Amazon, you may need to get creative.

Here are some easy ways to get the Amazon reviews you need to grow your Amazon ecommerce business – and to make sure your customers are happy.

Request an Amazon Buyer Review

If you want to learn how to get reviews on Amazon, the first thing to do is ask.

Amazon automatically requests feedback on all products purchased. The simple email template is uninspiring and doesn't always convince a customer to leave a review.

Instead, send a personalized review request to customers. This will let them know that you care about their experiences and engage with your consumer community.

Make it easy to leave a review by adding a link to your email that will take you straight to the review page.

You can also use automated ecommerce tools to send these requests like SageMailer, Jungle Scout, and Feedback Express.

Asking for reviews can also increase the number of positive reviews – because unhappy customers are more likely to leave reviews than happy customers.

Use a packaging insert to request a review

Adding a small receipt to encourage customers to review your products is an easy way to get more Amazon reviews.

Package inserts are also a great way to minimize returns by making sure customers know how to contact your company with ease.

Because of Amazon's strict no-promotional policy, there are a few rules you should follow when using a product insert.

Do not:

  • Add logos or display a URL.
  • Use "if" statements or a leading language like, "If you love our product, please leave us a review."
  • Use words that can be misunderstood as "happy," "ecstatic," or "positive".
  • Edit the product rating or seller feedback in a language that is misleading to the reviewer (for example, “We're a small, locally owned business” or “Get 10% off if you leave a positive review.”)
  • Add any kind of marketing or promotional message.

Join Amazon Vine for more Amazon reviews

Amazon Vine is an in-house service that Amazon started to validate the review process and prevent sellers from buying fake reviews.

Customers can register as verified reviewers and receive free products in return.

For sellers, you can join as long as you commit to giving away products for free.

Amazon Vine is a great way to get real, honest reviews from verified reviewers. Each reviewer is selected by Amazon to ensure quality and engagement. Amazon Vine reviews are thorough and usually include pictures or videos to help other customers understand the products better.

How to Get Reviews on Amazon Join Amazon Vine

Vine reviews are a great way to collect reviews and take advantage of the SEO benefits of Amazon reviews.

The downside to this program is that there is no guarantee that your reviews will be positive.

If you are just learning how to get reviews on Amazon, negative reviews seem like a big deal. The upside is that negative reviews can give you insights into how you can improve your products and services.

So don't worry about negative feedback.

Be honest about your Amazon listing

One of the easiest ways to get bad reviews is to mislead your customers about your listing.

It's never a good idea to promise features that won't come or lie about size, quality, or durability.

If you've been on the internet before you know how much people love to leave bad reviews. In fact, if a customer doesn't like a product than if they like it, you're probably more likely to get a review.

Be diligent and precise when describing your products in your listings. Don't try to outbid or manipulate your consumers. Chances are, it will come back to bite you.

Reach customers who have rated related products on Amazon

You can find customers who bought related products for you by looking for the "Customers who bought this item also bought" and "Customers who viewed this item" sliders.

As you get reviews on Amazon, turn to the reviewers of the competitors

It is a good idea to test competitor products and reach out to competitor auditors.

Not only is this a great way to win a business, but if they've just bought a new Keurig coffee maker, you'll have a better chance of getting a review from someone who is already interested in related products like K-cups Has.

You can usually find reviewer information by clicking their name and viewing their profile. Then send an email or social message to see if they're interested in a review of your product.

Even if they say no, you have your product in mind, and that's a great marketing opportunity.

Offer a great customer experience

Negative reviews don't just happen when a customer doesn't like the product – they can come from customers who are dissatisfied with the customer service.

If you want to avoid negative reviews, make sure that the product you are offering meets the customer's expectations.

Don't make promises you can't keep or mislead your consumers.

Regularly check out reviews and answer customer questions and messages. If multiple customers mention your size chart is turned off, it may be time to readjust it. If a customer receives a damaged product, do it right.

Amazon prides itself on its customer service tactics and rewards retailers who follow their example. If you want to rank high and make sales on Amazon, you need to put customers first.

Looking for more tips on getting reviews? Here are 10 additional tips to help convince your customers to review your products.


Remember, a good customer experience is one of Amazon's core values.

Make sure your product is up to date before checking for reviews. Then use the strategies above to encourage users to split their two cents.

And remember, bad reviews can be a burden, but see them as an opportunity to improve your product or service. A few bad reviews are unlikely to weigh on your business.

If you want to improve your Amazon marketing plan even further, choose the right Amazon marketing agency.

Did you come up with other tricks to get more reviews on Amazon? Share them below.