Do the Inexperienced Factor has your socially distant secret Santa Claus coated

Do the Green Thing was founded by Andy Hobsbawm and Naresh Ramchandani and has left Pentagram's London office. Long before they became part of the everyday vocabulary of the creative sector, he dealt with environmental issues.

In addition to participating in events such as the Global Climate Strike, the non-profit environmental organization has also developed a number of original concepts over the years, including the annual Ungifted initiative.

The (un) gift service exchanges new corkscrews, alcohol-flavored shower gel or another pack of raw playing cards and encourages colleagues to think a little differently and instead give away their creativity, their comedic attitude or their company.

Despite the aftermath of the pandemic, Ungifted is back this year to save the tradition of the Secret Santa office – and has a social, aloof theme.

During this festive season, the offering focuses on remote gifting: suggestions include curating a Spotify playlist; send motivational memes for a month; Planned coffee-based (virtual) chats and even one year of loyalty in the form of “likes”.

To participate, users can sign up their team or group of friends and leave Ungifted's secret sorter to do its matching-up magic. Then they choose from one of the website's zero waste gift ideas or create their own.

After that, all you have to do is set the date for your gift to be released on the shared screen. When the time comes, turn off the microphone and let the fun begin.

“60% of all greenhouse gases are caused by household consumption. That massive number includes the mounds of novelties we've bought over the years, and most of those unwanted gifts ended up in a landfill, ”says Ramchandani.

"While worthy of our motives, we still think Ungifted is a more fun and meaningful option, and any team that signs up could be at risk of actually getting something they really enjoy from their peers this Christmas."

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