My mind punched a symphony of serenity but my desire perpetuated delinquency,

As I ogled into her glistening deep brown eyes,

A blood rush of solicitude begged risk,

My heart aesthetically entwined with hers,

Reversed into a profound melody of beatitude,

Compounded by desire, our scripts merged,

Relentless were our hands, to auspices of emotion,

This exploded with a multihued affluence of spirit,

I slid my hand on her silky skin,

Garbed in chains of passion, slaves to our own conception,

Reality wiping at the flesh of harmony,

Crafting a dubious silence,

Our faces were in cohesion, our hands slid into belonging,

A thunderous reverberation occurred begetting all peril,

Love was amidst us,

The physical hurdle was converged,

A heave of energy enfolded our souls,

In the milieu, a chronicle already foretold,

I reached into her voluptuous lips and one kiss wrote destiny.