Dear Liqueur,

It was intimate;

the residue fell so softly to her asphalt skin,

the tyres that spiraled,

like the foreboding moments of her final breath.

It was almost….unearthed

the mimicking that captured me

as I laid in that position.

I could smell it,

the pungent caress of ignition

as it taunted me.

I reached fruitlessly to her very soul

in hope that we we’re entwined in this sanctuary,


But to the world it was just another saga,

just another car crash

from a youth engulfed in dipsomania,

eyes glazed,

 as her blooded oozed so deeply in the gasoline,

it was here…

In the agonising heat,

approaching the end,

our connection was no longer secular.

It was an intricate dance of souls,

A spiritual token,

A duo,

only to be wedded,

in the bliss of memories.